Using the universe as a lab for neutrino physics

This past May, I gave a Science on Tap talk at Casita Del Polaris. The cozy downtown Ithaca bar and event space is home to this series of talks which gives the public the chance to connect with scientists and learn about their work in an informal setting. To learn more about the series, check out


It could be a potato with arms, but I promise that’s me talking at Science on Tap this May. Photo Credit Tisha Bohr

I spoke on neutrino physics, and how we’re using measurements of the cosmic microwave background (CMB) to learn about the masses of these elusive particles.

I got a lot of great questions during and after the talk, so I continued the discussion on Twitter, where I tweeted out the main points of my talk, and addressed some of the great questions that were raised. I collected these tweets into my first Moment, which you can interact with here:

I find it’s especially fun to swipe through Moments on mobile; like a blog post come to life.

Featured image credit: The Millennium Simulation Project