I am currently:

  • Co-Chair of the Engagement, Mentorship, and Climate Committee for the Simons Observatory, leading our Education and Public Engagement initiatives and our APS-IDEA team
  • Co-Director of ParticleBites, the high energy physics reader’s digest blog
  • Creator and organizer of Cosmology Day, an annual half-day event for high school students, communicating real step-by-step paths from high school to careers in physics, astronomy and engineering
  • Author of a children’s book series on particle physics and astronomy, published by MIT Kids Press, and involved with many related activities to communicate science to children in elementary school
  • Busy doing a whole lot more! For a full list of activities, please see my CV (link)
Cosmology Day 2022
Electrostatics workshop, CCMR, Tompkins County Public Library, 2019
Expanding Your Horizons, Cornell University, 2019
A sneak peak of my next MIT Press Kids project, as seen at the 2022 Frankfurt Book Fair