Tour Guide, Wilson Synchrotron Lab, Cornell Laboratory for Accelerator Based Sciences and Education (2017- )
Writer, ParticleBites (2016- )
Member, Simons Observatory Education and Public Outreach Working Group (2016- )
Volunteer, Cornell Center for Materials Research Educational Programs (2015- )
Volunteer, Student Disability Services, Cornell University (2015- )


Organizer, Cosmology Journal Club, Cornell University (2017-2018)
Expanding Your Horizons Conference Buddy, Cornell University (2014)
Member, Caltech Graduate Student Council Advocacy Committee (2014)
Focus For Teens Volunteer, Cornell University Department of Astronomy (2011, 2014)
Member, Society of Physics Students, Cornell University (2010-2014)
Phi Sigma Pi National Co-Ed Honors Fraternity, Cornell University (2011-2012)
Physics Instructor, Northern Lights Learning Cooperative, Ithaca, NY (2011)

Header Image Credit: Rick Ryan, CLASSE