CMB-S4 is a proposed “Stage-4” ground-based CMB experiment that will map the cosmic microwave background in multiple frequencies to nearly the cosmic variance limit. CMB-S4 science goals include characterizing dark energy and dark matter, searching for signatures of inflation in the early universe, constraining the sum of the neutrino masses, and mapping the universe’s matter distribution. CMB-S4 will rely on large arrays of transition edge sensor bolometers (TESes) coupled to Superconducting Quantum Interference Device (SQUID)-based readout systems to reach its sensitivity targets. My work for CMB-S4 is focused on motivating the device geometries and fabrication process of the TESes fabricated at Argonne National Laboratory to tune device parameters to the required limits.

I presented a poster on this work at the 18th International Workshop on Low Temperature Detectors in Milan, Italy, July 2019. You can find my poster and details on the work here:

I also won the Best Poster Video Award for my video advertisement:

Recent Publications:

E. M. Vavagiakis, N. F. Cothard, J. R. Stevens, et al. 2019. “Developing AlMn Films for Argonne TES fabrication,” Journal of Low Temperature Physics (in review), arXiv:1910.10199.